Miscellaneous works

A piece of discarded black tape attached itself to the sole of the artist’s shoe on the 11th September 2015, during the installation of the exhibition My Biscuit Ate Itself. Upon the realisation of the aforementioned tape incident, a conscious decision was made by the artist never to intervene in minor disputes such as these. Consequently, the shoe and the tape were left to resolve their own issues, themselves. The tape and the artist’s right shoe have now made an amicable split (126 days after they first came together), the tape left without word and was last seen in the vicinity of the artist’s foot outside of the Norma cafe on Rothenberger Strasse in Nürnberg Germany, January 14th 2016.

Sept 2015 – Jan 2016

september 2015 100dpi

The most wunderpasst-like biscuit in the history of biscuit making

I knew it was a bad idea, is a private performance wherein the artist performs a number of undisclosed, random and spontaneous acts of self sabotage; whilst in pursuit of success. The artist will endeavour, where appropriate, to create new works in the future and these bad ideas will continue regardless of having a present audience. Each performance in itself can only be fully understood anecdotally through conversation with the artist. The work will only find meaning and value retrospectively. Each image below is an artefact or symbol from a previous undisclosed performance.

I knew it was a bad ideaI knew it was a bad idea

I knew it was a bad idea