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The word itself is a neologism, created by the artist, which acts as the foundation and conceptual framework for all the works in the show. The word is a fusion of two German words, the exuberant ‘Wunderbar’ and the melancholic ‘Passtschon’.Wunderpasst is an exhibition created at the end of a three month residency at Artists Unlimited in Germany. Wunderpasst was used as a part of the artist’s daily vernacular during his stay and all of the works presented in the show relate to and embody the sentiment of the recently coined linguistic paradox.

1.) I saw this and thought of you

2.) Finally my mind is at peace, in these words, I have found a beautiful clarity of thought

3.) Somewhere between one thing and another

4.) Welcome to the gun show

5.) They are what they are, or are they? Yes, they are

6.) Look at me you Bastards

7.) Wunderpasst 3D

8.) The excavation of a profoundly philosophical, experiential and serendipitous moment

9.) A little dusting between the ears never hurt

10.) Teetering on the brink of reality

11.) Inside the white cube

12.) Outside the white cube

13.) Wunderpasst

Wunderpasstweb entrance 2web Welcome to the gunshowWEB otwc toiletweb tehy are web they are what theyweb _MG_6679web

Installation shots – Wunderpasst

Installation shots – Wunderpasst

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