A private performance where the artist carries six dice on his person in the event that he breaks or drops something and on the occasion that he does the six dice are rolled as many times as needed until 1-6 face up in a single throw.

2012 –

The artist’s box of assorted nails (accidentally dropped) 2012

The artist’s armchair (accidentally broken) 2015

The artist’s coffee mug (accidentally broken) 2015

The artist’s beer (accidentally broken) 2016

The artist’s mop (accidentally broken) 2017

The artist’s wife’s glass lobster (accidentally broken) 2017

The artist’s coffee (accidentally dropped) 2017

The artist’s lactose free cherry yoghurt (accidentally dropped) 2017

Created by: Steven Emmanuel/Peter Hermans
Curated by: Anna Jehle – http://lab-artistsunlimited.de/
Installation: Uli Schallenberg/Timo Katz
Camera: Stefan Brückner/Felix Hüffelmann
Speaker: Constantine de Goguel
Thanks to: Franziska Sander/Juliane Schickedanz/Sarah Kindermann/Amelie Befeldt/Max Schneider

1_rathaus-flags 2_flags-and-sky 5_installation 6_pool-table 7_chalk-hologram 8_chairs 9_chair-publication 11_lectern 12_lectern-mic 10_audio 3_mics-on-columns 14_robot-hoover 15_door-mic 16_petersteven

Never say never is a lifelong work, where the artist has omitted the word ‘art’ from his spoken vocabulary. Each time the artist mistakenly speaks the word aloud a recording is made to mark the last time the word was spoken. This is the 13th iteration and most recent public presentation, screened as part of the exhibition Show of Talks at lAB/Artists Unlimited curated by Anna Jehle.

12.09.2014 – 19.09.2014 – 29.09.2014 – 09.10.2014 – 05.11.2014 – 14.11.2014 – 31.12.2014 – 26.01.2015 – 09.04.2015 – 19.08.2015 – 26.08.2015 – 01.09.2015 – 02.02.2016 –

Never say never Never say never

A piece of discarded black tape attached itself to the sole of the artist’s shoe on the 11th September 2015, during the installation of the exhibition My Biscuit Ate Itself. Upon the realisation of the aforementioned tape incident, a conscious decision was made by the artist never to intervene in minor disputes such as these. Consequently, the shoe and the tape were left to resolve their own issues, themselves. The tape and the artist’s right shoe have now made an amicable split (126 days after they first came together), the tape left without word and was last seen in the vicinity of the artist’s foot outside of the Norma cafe on Rothenberger Strasse in Nürnberg Germany, January 14th 2016.

Sept 2015 – Jan 2016

september 2015 100dpi

The most wunderpasst-like biscuit in the history of biscuit making

My Biscuit Ate Itself

Dienstgebäude gallery Zürich


My Biscuit Ate Itself is an attempt by the artist to take a moment, press pause and create a space to look nostalgically backward at work still being carried forward. The idea being, to curate a collection of existing work, in which quotidian habits and rituals, alongside episodic or cyclical actions, are used as a platform for the production of art.

As part of the curatorial conceit, each work within the selection process had to be in some way still active as part of an ongoing process or series. Alternatively, old work not yet seen or activated in an art world context was also deemed eligible for the show. Begging the question, if it ever even existed prior to being seen for the first time? My biscuit ate itself is a string of 18 independent artworks produced at different points in time over a period spanning the last ten years; a concatenation of work that focuses on the potency and poetry of small gestures.

1.) Finally, my mind is at peace, in these words, I have found a beautiful clarity of thought

2.) A talisman of sorts to help keep at bay the idea of the idea

3.) Sorting the hundreds from the thousands

4.) Who knew it was as simple as that

5.) I NY

6.) Rhetorical stink bomb or clumsy allegory for the meaning of life

7.) Never say never

8.) A comprehensive study of nothing

9.) A reality made by a fantasist and a fantasy made by a realist

10.) JULY 10, 2014

11.) Welcome to the gun show

12.) Losing objectivity 2

13.) Brainstorm shower-cap for all the solipsistic motherfuckers

14.) Inside the white cube

15.) The good life – 42/1000

16.) Sometimes, when alone I start to cry and I don’t for the life of me know why

17.) Art therapy

18.) I think the tree fell, I just didn’t hear it

My biscuit ate itself

My biscuit ate itself
My biscuit ate itself
My biscuit ate itself01

My biscuit ate itself

Installation shots – My Biscuit Ate Itself